American Eagle Gold Coin

Year: 1986-2012, Weight:  1.000 oz, Condition:  Uncirculated, Denomination:  $50 Face, Content:  91.6% pure gold, Diameter:  32.700 mm, Thickness:  2.870 mm, Mints:  Philadelphia, West Point

Authorized by the Bullion Coin Act of 1985, American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins quickly became one of the world's leading gold bullion investment coins. Produced from gold mined in the United States, American Eagles are imprinted with their gold content and legal tender "face" value. However, the face value is largely symbolic since their market value has historically been much higher. 

American Eagles use the durable 22 karat standard established for gold circulating coinage over 350 years ago. They contain their stated amount of pure gold (1 troy oz of pure gold), plus small amounts of alloy. This creates harder coins that resist scratching and marring, which can diminish resale value.

Minted to exacting standards, the obverse (front) design is inspired by what's often considered America's most beautiful coin: Augustus Saint Gaudens' celebrated $20 gold piece, minted from 1907-33. The reverse features a nest of American Eagles, symbolizing family tradition and unity.

American Eagles are the only bullion coins whose weight, content and purity are guaranteed by the United States Government. Investors can buy them with confidence, knowing the coins contain their stated amount of gold. Other American Eagle Gold Coin face values and weights; $5 - 1/10 oz, $10 - 1/4 oz, $25 - 1/2 oz.


These coins are private and non-reportable!  Unlike most gold bullion, American Gold Eagles are non-reportable to the IRS by brokers. They offer complete financial privacy and the security of gold, one of the world’s oldest and most trusted assets. Other modern-issue gold bullion coins like Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, South African Gold Krugerrands, Austrian Gold Philharmonics, and Chinese Gold Pandas are reportable to the IRS when you sell them to gold dealers in increments of 25 ounces or more. American Eagles are exempt from this reporting requirementNo minimum purchase required.

American Buffalo Gold Coin

Year: 2006-2012, Weight:  1.000 oz, Condition:  Uncirculated, Denomination:  $50 Face, Content:  99.99% pure gold, Diameter:  32.700 mm, Thickness:  2.950 mm, Mint:  West Point

American Buffalo gold bullion coins were the first .9999 fine (24 - karat) gold coins made by the U.S. Mint.  In 2006 and 2007, only one ounce coins (with $50 face value) were minted.  Starting in 2008 the Mint also produced half-ounce coins ($25 face value), quarter-ounce ($10), and tenth-ounce ($5) pieces in Proof and Uncirculated, individually and in sets.  No minimum purchase required.

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

Years:  1979-2012, Weight:  1.000 oz, Condition:  Uncirculated, Denomination:  $50 Canada, Content:  99.9+% pure gold, Diameter:  30.000 mm, Mint:  Royal Canadian Mint

These coins are immediately recognized throughout the world for their unsurpassed quality. As the world's first investment coins to achieve the heightened standard of 99.9% pure gold, Royal Canadian Mint Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins offer maximum liquidity, portability and value preservation.  Each Maple Leaf is legal Canadian tender guaranteed by the Government of Canada for its weight and purity.  Other Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin face values and weights; $X Canada - 1/20 oz, $10 Canada - 1/4 oz. No minimum purchase required.

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