How to Order Precious Metals

To begin the process, all you need to do is call DVM Silver and Gold. Your PM Broker, will work with you to help you in investing in silver and gold to help meet your investment goals.† Your assigned personal broker will take care of your account for all transactions and services.†


In order to ensure the privacy of your information, DVM S&G does not offer our products for online ordering.† Orders are done over the phone or in person; at a convenient location.† Orders are placed when funds have cleared.† DVM S&G does not have a store front location and has no inventory on hand.† DVM S&G provides an individualized broker service that will meet in person (upon your request) to help you achieve your investment in silver and gold.† Phone orders are accepted once the payment is received and confirmed (cleared).† So, the best way is to have your order based on the total dollar amount that you want to invest (example; $7,500), because market prices change every second.† You can still place orders based on the number of coins that you want.† Again, DVM S&G is a MN Bullion Coin Dealer that is licensed and bonded.†††††


Once you have placed your order (your funds have cleared), you have entered into a binding agreement with DVM Silver and Gold and you agree with the terms and conditions agreement.† Your order locks in your price and serves as your confirmation.† Regardless of the fluctuations in the price of the metals after the trade (order acceptance with supplier), the contracted price is binding on you to pay (which you already have paid) at that contracted price and for DVM Silver and Gold to deliver on that price.† If you do not pay (this should not be a problem, because orders are not placed with supplier until funds are received and cleared) for your order, I will follow through on the Terms & Conditions Agreement.† Fraud is taken very seriously by the postal inspectors and the law.† If convicted, it is up to 5 years in jail for every count.† Canceling or not paying for your order may be considered fraud.† The Terms and Condition Agreement protects both the client and DVM Silver and Gold and itís employees.


Ways to pay for your Precious Metals

*† PERSONAL CHECK (no counter checks)

*† CASH (see the requirement for cash transactions section below)

*† Bank Wire; you pay all bank wire fees

*† PayPal or Credit Card; additional fees apply

No minimum purchase required.


DVM Silver and Gold charges the lowest commissions in the industry over actual cost of your order (there is no markup on coins).† Over a period of time, my commission rates will go down as the price of precious metals go up.


Your PM Broker will notify you of receipt of the payment and when your funds have cleared.† At that point you will be contacted to confirm and place your order with the supplier of DVM S&G.† Before your order has been received via shipping, your PM Broker will already have time and place setup for the day that it arrives.† DVM Silver and Gold does not allow meetings at the office, does not store precious metals at the office (all storage is done at the supplierís location).† At your request, your order can be shipped to your address.† This is usually set up at the time of your order and will incur additional shipping charges and insurance.† Drop shipping from my supplier is coming...


All orders that are shipped to you will be registered and insured by USPS, UPS, or FedEx. All will require a signature upon delivery. If you are not available when the delivery is made a notice of delivery attempt will be posted.† Further attempts to deliver your order will be made.† The delivery attempt notices that are left will have a phone number for you to call to schedule a pick up at your own time and expense or you can make arrangements with them to have the package delivered at a time that you will be available.† In case of returned shipments, you are responsible for the contents in the Terms and Conditions Agreement (see below).†


Most orders ship from my supplier within 2 weeks of placement of your order. This is not a guarantee as DVM Silver and Gold is unable to guarantee exact delivery times. Total turnaround from payment received to delivery varies by availability of metals ordered, location of delivery, time of year (USPS, UPS, and FedEx are busy around the holidays) and other factors beyond our control.† Please speak to your PM Broker regarding any questions about your order.


The following is required for cash transactions:

Taxpayer I.D. Number. Customer certifies under the penalties of perjury that the Taxpayer Identification Number (Social Security Number) or Employer Identification Number provided is correct and that Customer has not been notified by the IRS that he/she is a "payee under-reporter" under section 3406(a)(1)(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.†

Cash transactions are:

Cash is money, it is also certain monetary instruments - a cashierís check, bank draft, travelerís check, or MO.† Personal Checks are not considered a cash transaction.


Our policy is to require proper identification on Cash sale transactions so that a Form 8300 can be prepared and filed, if required by law.† Cash sale transactions require you to provide your SSN or EIN.††††


You must assume when making multiple payments via Cash in excess of $10,000 in a 12-month period your transactions will be reported to the IRS.† If Form 8300 is filed in reference to you and your transactions, you will receive a written statement on or before January 31st of the year following the calendar year in which the cash is received and reported.

Terms and Conditions


Click here T&C Agreement or the tab located on the Home page.† This is also the policy that DVM Silver and Gold will follow in all situations.


Selling Your PM Bullion and Rare Coins


DVM Silver and Gold offers a two-way transaction for your precious metals that assists you in buying and selling your Precious Metals.† Your Broker will contact DVM S & Gís clients (this list of clients have opted in to be contacted).† DVM Silver and Gold facilitates the entire transaction process.† All you need to do is deliver your sell order when DVM S&G has a buyer.† You are responsible for all shipping, handling and insurance costs to get your product mailed safely.† You set your selling price; there are no guarantees that your order will be sold at your stated selling price.† You may have to adjust your selling price for the current market conditions.† The cost for this selling service is 7.5% of the total amount sold.† Minimum $100 charge if your order is sold or not.††

Established 2005


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